Salesforce Lightning Connector


Project summary:

Salesforce connector for Hawksearch provides advanced search and reporting features to Salesforce B2B Communities hosted on the new Lightning platform.

With the phase 1 of the project, we are bringing in the enhanced search of Hawksearch to the end users.

About Salesforce B2B:

Salesforce B2B Commerce​ is the industry-leading, cloud-based commerce solution that allows you to meet the complex online purchasing needs of the business buyer. Salesforce B2B Commerce ​empowers you to generate revenue faster, scale easily as your brand grows, and give your B2B customers a streamlined, B2C-inspired user experience. Salesforce B2B Commerce​ is built natively on the Salesforce Platform, enabling you to connect your commerce and CRM data for a single view of the customer.

About Hawksearch:

Hawksearch is a flexible and innovative site search engine that assists eCommerce professionals, content publishers, and developers in delivering a best-in-class and refined search experience to their customers. 

Hawksearch provides users with the ability to come up with search results that are relevant to what site visitors are searching for, regardless of the vocabulary they are applying to their search queries, their spelling mistakes, and how complicated the terms they are using. They can also control the display of search results by gaining insights into specific customer information, behaviors, or attributes; and by boosting the popularity of certain products or contents.

Hawksearch Benefits:

  • Relevancy Tuning Control

  • Set Up Visitor Targets And Conditional Display Rules

  • Gain Insights Into Searches Through Machine Learning

  • Popularity Boost

  • Shape And Expand Buying Choices

  • Show Relevant Recommendations Through Trending Content

  • Highlight Best-Selling Items

  • Pin Items And Contents For Highlighting In Search Results And Pages

  • Influence SEO