Salesforce CloudCraze Connector


Project summary:

Our team has built from the ground up a Salesforce CloudCraze integration for Hawksearch that brings the search functionalities to the next level of performance and effectiveness. It consists of two parts - extracting product data out of CloudCraze and front-end Integration of the search page and autocomplete on CloudCraze. The combination of these technologies allows us to propose improved user experience and effortless search functionalities that make each product easier to find. The connector we have developed serves not only to end-users, but also merchandisers, marketers, and developers that can customize and control all rules and setting for their e-commerce website through the Hawksearch dashboard.

About Hawksearch:

Hawksearch is a flexible and innovative site search engine that assists eCommerce professionals, content publishers, and developers in delivering a best-in-class and refined search experience to their customers. 

Hawksearch provides users with the ability to come up with search results that are relevant to what site visitors are searching for, regardless of the vocabulary they are applying to their search queries, their spelling mistakes, and how complicated the terms they are using are. They can also control the display of search results by gaining insights into specific customer information, behaviors, or attributes; and by boosting the popularity of certain products or contents.

Hawksearch Benefits:

  • Relevancy Tuning Control

  • Set Up Visitor Targets And Conditional Display Rules

  • Gain Insights Into Searches Through Machine Learning

  • Popularity Boost

  • Shape And Expand Buying Choices

  • Show Relevant Recommendations Through Trending Content

  • Highlight Best-Selling Items

  • Pin Items And Contents For Highlighting In Search Results And Pages

  • Influence SEO

About Salesforce CloudCraze:

CloudCraze delivers robust B2B commerce native on Salesforce that allows businesses to generate online revenue fast and easily scale for growth. The company also delivers seamless interactions across commerce, sales, marketing, and service for a 360-degree view of data that’s 100 percent connected to the customer. With its trusted Salesforce infrastructure and core capabilities, the powerful CloudCraze platform provides infinite flexibility to extend functionality, add products and channels, and conduct billions of dollars in transactions anywhere.

Please find the full descriptions about setup and all available functionalities in the pages linked below:


You can find the setup documentation here →


You can find the integration documentation here →